Athens, GA Emergency Tree Services

Athens GA Emergency Tree Services

Athens’ Expert In 24-Hr Emergency Tree Services

Experiencing an Athens Tree Emergency?

In Athens’ climate, it’s not surprising that inclement weather and high winds regularly trigger tree collapses. Many of these collapses can be avoided with careful maintenance and annual stability evaluations, but sometimes even the best-maintained trees just can’t take it any more. When you experience a tree collapse on your property, call us, the Athens tree service experts! Here are some tips in a tree emergency:

  • Contact Emergency Services & Your Insurance Company: Even if nobody is injured, it’s still important to contact emergency services. Your tree may have brought down power lines or damaged other utilities. Also contact your insurance company, as they’ll be able to explain exactly what kind of documentation is required.
  • Call Our Athens Tree Services Experts: Next it’s time to get our tree service experts on the line! We’ll give you an immediate spot on our priority list and will come to your property as soon as possible. If you’re facing imminent danger from other unstable trees, we’ll move you to the top of our priority list and head over straight away!
  • Let Us Get To Work: We’ll quickly and carefully clear your property, evaluate damage, haul debris and restore your land. We’ll also be happy to provide you with whatever documentation your insurance company needs!
  • Relax, Revitalize, Restore: Once the immediate danger has passed, we will begin restoring your landscape. Our Athens tree service experts will help you plant trees to replace felled trees. We’ll also help evaluate and revitalize your remaining trees, carefully testing them for weakness. If necessary, we’ll be happy to do trimming and pruning to increase stability and wind filtration, spray them against weakening diseases, and perform any other kind of maintenance you’d like!

All of our emergency tree services and landscape restoration services are performed with expert tools, exacting safety standards, and years of experience. Our Athens tree service pros are standing by day and night in case of emergencies.

Serving Athens, GA 24/7!

We provide fast, expert, professional tree services that Athens residents can rely on, 365 days a year! You can contact our Athens office multiple ways, but in emergencies, the fastest way to get us to your property is by calling us at (706) 389-1877. Our tree service experts regularly respond to tree emergencies across greater Athens, including in Suwanee, Commerce, Royston, Jefferson, Winder and other parts of Northeastern Georgia.


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