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Planting shrubs is a great way to fight runoff or add low-maintenance landscaping. Unfortunately, improperly planted shrubs can quickly turn into eyesores! Placed too far from water and nutrients, shrubs can become stubby and fail, and when planted without regard to nearby obstructions or growth requirements, shrubs will overgrow. Our team of shrub removal pros will professionally remove your unhealthy shrubs quickly and completely, making sure to fully remove the roots that can trigger re-growth.

We’ll Restore Your Property’s Beauty

Our Athens tree service doesn’t just remove shrubs; we also have a full suite of services to beautify your landscape! All of our land clearing and removal services are performed with professional tools, strict safety standards, and a dedication to superior results. Here’s some more information on our most popular land clearing and removal services:

  • Tree Removal: When trees become weakened or diseased, it’s important to remove them before damage spreads. Our Athens tree service experts are pros at removing even severely decayed trees, and do so quickly and safely.
  • Land Clearing: Whether you’d like to make a fresh start at landscaping, prep a construction site, or get rid of invasive undergrowth, our Athens tree service company knows just the remedy! We’re experts at clearing all kinds of land and are equipped to handle large-scale commercial land clearing projects!
  • Stump Grinding: Are old stumps ruining your property? Our Athens stump grinding pros will remove decaying tree stumps before you know it. We’ll even be happy to turn your stumps into nutrient-rich mulch!

Complimentary, No-Risk Estimate for Athens, GA Shrub Removal

If you’re interested in shrub removal or any of our other Athens tree services, we’re available 24-hrs a day to service you! We’ll construct a customized service plan and give you a free, no-obligation estimate! All of our land clearing and removal services are offered at highly competitive prices that are unmatched in Athens! Give our experts a call, we’ll do the hard work for you!

Our Athens tree service has years of experience working throughout the city and across greater Athens, Suwanee, Commerce, Royston, Jefferson, Winder and other areas throughout Northeastern Georgia!


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