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Decaying Stumps Marring Your Athens Landscape?

When most amateur Athens tree service companies remove trees, they often neglect to extract the stump. As a result, properties are plagued with the moldering remains of former trees. Not only are these old stumps unsightly, they also reduce curb appeal and property value, attract termite infestations, disrupt drainage, invite sucker growth, and more. Clearly, decaying stumps need to go! Thankfully, you can rely on our Athens stump grinding experts to skillfully rid your property of these eyesores.

Our Athens Stump Grinding Process

Our tree service experts approach each stump grinding job differently because the techniques we use depend on the stump’s size and accessibility, as well as your personal preferences. However, for most tree stump removal jobs our experts prefer to employ stump grinding, where rapidly rotating blades grind stumps into a fine mulch or compost. The result is a clean, tidy landscape free from visible tree remains!

If stump grinding isn’t right for your landscape, we can remove your stump by hand using picks and shovels, or with excavators. Whichever method our Athens tree service professionals employ, you can be sure we’ll do it safely, efficiently and at the most competitive costs in greater Athens!

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Whether you’re a residential and commercial property owner, you can get a 100% free and transparent tree stump grinding estimate from our Athens tree service pros! We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about our other tree services, like tree planting, land clearing, shrub removal and more! Simply complete the contact form on the right side of this page or call us at (706) 389-1877!

We perform stump removal and stump grinding in Suwanee, Commerce, Royston, Jefferson, Winder, other parts of Northeastern Georgia and surrounding areas in greater Athens.


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