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Our Athens tree service company has nearly a decade of tree planting experience. We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and know the best ways to evaluate drainage requirements, analyze soil properties, determine species tolerance and work with the sometimes-challenging Athens terrain. Our time-tested Athens tree planting experts know how to prevent the following ailments common to properties treated by amateurs:

  • Stunted Growth: When trees are planted without regard to the species’ unique requirements, stunted growth and wasting can be the unfortunate result. Our Athens tree service experts will only plant trees in areas where they’ll thrive. We can even help replant your stunted trees in a more appropriate place, as well as provide nutrient-rich mulch to encourage growth.
  • Overgrowth: If your trees were planted without proper consideration for natural tendencies or nearby obstructions, you can easily wind up with trees running into power lines. Our Athens tree services experts plant your trees while carefully taking into account your space, the tree’s projected growth and any obstructions.
  • Infestation: There are a number of dangerous tree diseases and infestations, many of which gravitate to certain species. When amateurs plant your trees, you risk unwittingly planting a species that’s prone to local diseases. Our tree service experts know which species can thrive in Athens. We’ll help you select and plant trees that will grow happily, and can prevent future disease with tree spraying.

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If you’re thinking about planting trees but aren’t sure what kind to get or where to begin, contact our Athens tree service experts! We’ll be happy to provide you with expert tree planting advice and arrange a free consultation and estimate. We have Athens’ most affordable tree planting costs, and the expert personnel to perform the task!

We’ve planted trees throughout Athens, on commercial and residential properties alike. With our 24-hour emergency service and service area throughout greater Athens – including Athens, Suwanee, Commerce, Royston, Jefferson, Winder and other areas throughout Northeastern Georgia – it’s no wonder we’re the leader in Athens tree services!


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